Technological processes of coating with surface modification by streams of comp rational plasma

Розрядний пристрій магнітоплазмового компресора

Entering within the local areas of the surface portions considerable additional energy allows the creation of conditions for phase and structural changes in the material and in the case of special operating environments - and modify the chemical composition of the surface layer of the material . The additional energy is accomplished using a pulsed arc that is formed between one of the electrodes of the main flow of the plasma generator and the surface of the product. In the case of plasma displacement device relative to the surface of the surface layer portions are periodically arranged modified material which is different from their original physical and mechanical properties. According to the results of studies of the relationship between the regime parameters of conducting the process and quality characteristics of the product developed and manufactured plasma devices that implement the proposed technology. The main characteristics of the developed energy plasma generators and criterial their dependence on operating parameters of plasma generation . Proposed technological advice on the implementation of the processing of the material. It is shown that the use of pulsed pilot arc allows two orders of magnitude increase the specific energy to local regions of the surface , which leads to phase changes at these sites .

Investigated the performance of the coatings - adhesion to the substrate porosity , resistance to wear. It is shown that the integral value of the strength of adhesion of the coating to the substrate reaches (130 - 160 ) MPa.
Surface treatment of the compound plasma flows compression ( high-energy ion currents ) structural changes state and increases the dislocation density in the surface layer , thereby establishing strong bonds between the coating and the substrate. Found that the processing of active gases in the environment occurs reinforcing phase (e.g. , nitrides in nitrogen ), which increases the hardness of the integral coating material and resistance to wear. As a result of investigation of the influence of processing operational parameters on the formation of the modified layer , in particular the formation of strengthening phases in the base material and a corrosion-resistant cobalt-based coatings , as well as coatings based on teplobarernyh zirconia . The relation between the structure and performance of the resulting surface. Research-based technology developed recommendations for the application of the developed methods of processing materials to enhance performance properties of products.

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