Design processing technique of reception focused films of nitride aluminium with piezoelectric properties for organization functional MEMS-structures in nanoelectronic meshes.

Past studies of the structure and physico-chemical characteristics of thin films of aluminum nitride (AlN) to create a functional MEMS structures. For the first time fulfilled technological regimes of synthesis of aluminum nitride oriented films by reactive magnetron sputtering on to ¬ uous stream using a mixture of ammonia and nitrogen and argon, which allowed to increase the synthesis of nitride compounds. The research on the impact of vacuum modes spivrozpylennya the chemical composition, structural, electrical and optical properties of oriented films of aluminum nitride on silicon substrates. The analysis of the main technological methods to improve the electronic and physical properties of films for crystalline perfection of layers of A1N, surface quality and good transport properties. Found that for the synthesis of aluminum nitride films is needed to install a vacuum pump pressure of residual gases 7•10-5 Pa, giving RF bias to the substrate (50B, 10 MHz) and the discharge capacity of 300 and 500W respectively at 100 and substrate 25°C. These thin aluminum nitride films by reactive RF magnetron sputtering on various substrates: SiO2, poly-Al(111), poly-Pt(111), Si(100), Si(111). A topology electrode cell technology and their application on aluminum nitride films for MEMS functional organization.

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