Twist drills computer aided design

A new information-aided design software twist drills increased efficiency and effectiveness are described. Design of twist drill with special conditions and increased efficiency realised by through integration stages of design and analysis of the results and technological support manufacturing and control.

A new electronic classifier twist drills allows selected criteria to select and design the necessary design drills that will ensure the required quality and performance of the treated surface treatment for specified processing conditions.

The classification allows to describe the entire axial cutting tools from simple to combined tools from different manufacturers. Its foundation – code representation of the release of structural and technological features tools – design features, geometrical parameters, parameters of accuracy and surface roughness that they provide.
For Windows operating environment developed new software SD-CAD ©. The software are automated process of designing the tool with minimal user participation in the process and allows get a three-dimensional model of the tool, which is later used for its manufacture it on machines with numerical control and an electronic reference tool in controlling it after production. Using this software will reduce design costs 4-6 times compared to standard methods. A specific feature of the developed software is the possibility of comparative analysis of various design decisions in terms of economic efficiency. It is shown that different versions of instrumental support, subject to all the requirements for quality machined holes may vary at cost in 2.5-3 times.

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