Methods of the intelligent software organization for distributed information education environment for sustainable development

A new concept of architectural and algorithmic organization of software that supports information learning environment was worked out. The concept describes a number of modules such as monitoring and processing of the heterogeneous educational information resources module, module for indexing for all types of search (attributive, fulltext, quasisemantic, associative etc), modules which provides intellecualized possibilities such as referencing, clasterization, classification. A new method of organizing data to support the entire range of search possibilities was created.

Twist drills computer aided design

A new information-aided design software twist drills increased efficiency and effectiveness are described. Design of twist drill with special conditions and increased efficiency realised by through integration stages of design and analysis of the results and technological support manufacturing and control.

A new electronic classifier twist drills allows selected criteria to select and design the necessary design drills that will ensure the required quality and performance of the treated surface treatment for specified processing conditions.