Investigation of novel ultrawideband adaptive low-profile antenna arrays for future radioelectronic systems for dual applications

Novel method and technology of planar scanning ultrawideband antenna arrays for L-,S-, C- bands were developed. Attractive features of the arrays are wide angle scanning sector (up to ±45° in orthogonal planes), low level of cross-polar radiation, low active reflection losses (<0,3 for the absolute majority of array elements) in ultrawide frequency band with coverage up to 7:1. In addition developed antenna arrays are characterized by high efficiency (up to 95%) in L-,S-,C-bands, low weight (less than 15 kg/m2) and low profile (<λmax/10). Important that proposed technology allow to scale the antenna structure in order to develop high effective antenna structures for the neighboring frequency bands or for multifrequency radiosystems with frequency fatio up to 7:1.
Project contains the detailed analysis of ultrawideband arrays from notched slot radiators, long slots loaded with ferrite layer and from capacitively coupled dipoles. Our investigations show that the most promising results can be achieved in the structure where each elemnt of the array is in fact two- or four dipole subarray with approriate feed and different geometries of the dipoles.
Results of the research can be used for the developing of novel ultrawideband radars, radiomonitoring and warfare systems.

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