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Investigation of novel ultrawideband adaptive low-profile antenna arrays for future radioelectronic systems for dual applications

Novel method and technology of planar scanning ultrawideband antenna arrays for L-,S-, C- bands were developed. Attractive features of the arrays are wide angle scanning sector (up to ±45° in orthogonal planes), low level of cross-polar radiation, low active reflection losses (<0,3 for the absolute majority of array elements) in ultrawide frequency band with coverage up to 7:1. In addition developed antenna arrays are characterized by high efficiency (up to 95%) in L-,S-,C-bands, low weight (less than 15 kg/m2) and low profile (<λmax/10).

Dual-frequency microstrip antenna array for the navigational system with the ability to suppress the active jammers

Planar dual-frequency microstrip antenna array with circular polarization was developed. Antenna array is optimized for the application in digital adaptive receiving system of satellite navigational signals GPS/GLONASS. The design of antenna array provides the manufacturing on dual layer microstrip subtrate of 10 compact ring radiators with circular polarization: 4+4 peripheral for each of the frequency bands L1 GLONASS (1593…1608) and L2 GLONASS (1237…1254 MHz) and 2 central radiators for the L1 GLONASS/GPS (1570-1608 MHz) та L2 GLONASS/GPS (1226 – 1254 MHz).