Dual-frequency microstrip antenna array for the navigational system with the ability to suppress the active jammers

Planar dual-frequency microstrip antenna array with circular polarization was developed. Antenna array is optimized for the application in digital adaptive receiving system of satellite navigational signals GPS/GLONASS. The design of antenna array provides the manufacturing on dual layer microstrip subtrate of 10 compact ring radiators with circular polarization: 4+4 peripheral for each of the frequency bands L1 GLONASS (1593…1608) and L2 GLONASS (1237…1254 MHz) and 2 central radiators for the L1 GLONASS/GPS (1570-1608 MHz) та L2 GLONASS/GPS (1226 – 1254 MHz).

System is applied for the conversion of electromagnetic fields with aim of the digital adaptive creation of raition patterns with deep nulls in the direction of the active jammer’s sources. Respective efficient mathematical algorithm is developed for the realization in modern FPGA.

Розроблена двочастотна антенна решітка
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