Methods of the intelligent software organization for distributed information education environment for sustainable development

A new concept of architectural and algorithmic organization of software that supports information learning environment was worked out. The concept describes a number of modules such as monitoring and processing of the heterogeneous educational information resources module, module for indexing for all types of search (attributive, fulltext, quasisemantic, associative etc), modules which provides intellecualized possibilities such as referencing, clasterization, classification. A new method of organizing data to support the entire range of search possibilities was created.

Dual-frequency microstrip antenna array for the navigational system with the ability to suppress the active jammers

Planar dual-frequency microstrip antenna array with circular polarization was developed. Antenna array is optimized for the application in digital adaptive receiving system of satellite navigational signals GPS/GLONASS. The design of antenna array provides the manufacturing on dual layer microstrip subtrate of 10 compact ring radiators with circular polarization: 4+4 peripheral for each of the frequency bands L1 GLONASS (1593…1608) and L2 GLONASS (1237…1254 MHz) and 2 central radiators for the L1 GLONASS/GPS (1570-1608 MHz) та L2 GLONASS/GPS (1226 – 1254 MHz).

Non-linear methods for decisions making processes under uncertainty conditions

The new methods of building strategies of imperfect inspections problems for successfully disclose of the disorder and the design of experiments with multi-alternatives are developed. Necessary and sufficient conditions are developed if the failure distribution is known explicitly, whereas a sufficient condition is given if only the increasing failure intensity is known from experiment.

Development of bases of creation of nano- and picosatellites as space microlaboratories.

Bases of creation of midget space vehicles  as space microlaboratories are worked out. Theoretical and experimental researches are conducted on creation of the systems of microsatellites, basic scheme-technical decisions are worked out, software is developed. The ground center of communication with microsatellites in the amateur range of frequencies for realization of space experiments is created

Algebraic-probabilistic methods of investigation of cryptographic algorithms and protocols resistans and effectiveness

The purpose of work consists in development and improvement probabilistic for algebra methods of research of cryptographic transformations, analysis of symmetric and asymmetric algorithms of enciphering, methods of avtentifikacii, cryptographic protocols, taking into account the last achievements of kriptologii and application of results for the estimation of firmness and efficiency of modern kriptosistem and cryptographic protocols, improvement of methods of cryptographic priv.