Heterogeneous telecommunication systems based on the stratospheric platform using modern telecommunication technologies and hardware

The main obtained results are the development of scientific and technical principles for the creation of heterogeneous telecommunications systems of the next generation with high throughput, the nodes of which are located on the platform of the stratospheric unmanned aerial vehicle, which enables such a system to integrate into existing local communications, which are located in the coverage area of the aircraft.
The structural-functional principles of the construction of control and communication equipment of the airborne and ground-based parts of the telecommunication system based on the high-altitude aeroplatform were developed; principles of creation and structure of high-speed data transmission channels in different frequency bands and technical requirements to them; mathematical models of the wireless communication channel between the ground station and the airplane, taking into account space-time multiplexing of the MIMO and using the principle of cooperative relay; algorithms of adaptation of the data transmission system to change the state of work in conditions of intentional and unintentional noise; Airborne and ground antenna systems control algorithms and technical requirements for them.
The potential possibilities of survival of the channel of control and telemetry in the HAPS in the form of the received dependencies and regularities, algorithms of fault-tolerance of such channel are determined; protocols and structures of the operation of the control and telemetry channel and its technical requirements; Approaches to the implementation of cognitive radio procedures in HAPS; software architecture for on-board processor management and data processing, terrestrial computing complex management and data processing.

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