Kravchuk Sergii O.

Кравчук Сергій Олександрович - професор Кафедри телекомунiкацiй

Scientific and technical basis for the construction of new over-the-horizon communication systems using relay air platforms and artificial formations

The main result is the development of the concept of scientific and technical foundations for the creation of new high-speed over the-horizon communication systems (SPZ) with variable architecture using reference stations for tropospheric communication and relay intelligent air platforms and artificial formations.

Heterogeneous telecommunication systems based on the stratospheric platform using modern telecommunication technologies and hardware

The main obtained results are the development of scientific and technical principles for the creation of heterogeneous telecommunications systems of the next generation with high throughput, the nodes of which are located on the platform of the stratospheric unmanned aerial vehicle, which enables such a system to integrate into existing local communications, which are located in the coverage area of the aircraft.

Research methods to increase the capacity of telecommunication broadband radioaccess systems, taking into account the requirements for error-rate performance

We propose a new generalized integrated approach for developing effective methods to increase the capacity of broadband radioaccess systems (BRAS) while providing the required error-rate performance and taking into account their characteristics, based on the interaction between system resources: energy and band. We obtained methods for improving the capacity of BRAS based on mathematical models, procedural, structural and systemic solutions for the effects of the time varying fading channel, thereby creating scientific basis for the creation of new next generation BRAS.