The development of resources and energy saving measures in the electrode production

The updated technology of electrode production has been developed as a sum of new and modernized technological schedules and industry equipment constructions. The actuality of the design of resources and energy saving measures in the electrode production was stated. The experimental temperature dependence of carbon materials physical properties was proved. Technical solutions of current equipment modernization were found out. In particular, multistage technological process of filler production was minimized; pilot project of the furnace for direct graphitization of electrode products was developed. The furnace possesses enhanced technological parameters of the electrode production process. Physical, mathematical and numerical models of the thermoelectrical, mechanical, thermal and hydrodynamic state of technological processes in industrial equipment were also developed, particularly, in electric calcinators, baking furnaces and furnaces for direct and indirect heating, which are necessary for numerical analysis of technological and constructional parameters of modernized equipment. The numerical physical fields analysis of the current and modernized equipment during its operation according to the current and updated technological schedules was held. The obtained results were compared. The methods were developed, which enable to determine electrical energy losses before entering to the Acheson`s AC current graphitization furnace and to foresee technological parameters of the baking “green” depending on the gas temperature change in the furnace. The technological schedule for baking electrode products in the backing furnaces was created, which provides resources and energy saving, the reduction of flawed products and graphitization of longwise products in the indirect heating furnaces, which provide the required product quality and consistency of the furnace construction. The scientific expertise of the proposed technical solutions (measures) of resources and energy saving in the electrode industry was held. The results of the work have been introduced into the industry.

Схема завантаження заготовок у камері печі випалювання з використанням шару тирси у шарі засипки
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