Reseach of metods for improving the efficiency of continuous handoff in broadband radio access systems

Specific patterns of continuous HO execution in next-generation heterogeneous broadband systems are discovered. The results based on the derived methods, mathematical models and algorithms of HO that meet the requirements for simplification and reduction of HO durationwith minimal impact on the capacity of BWA systems with ensuring the required QoS in multipath fading environment.

During the research the principles and methods of effective HO for micro and femto-cell BWA millimeter wavelengths with mobility support were implemented; Mathematical models of HO techniques in wireless systems with orthogonal frequency OFDM and MIMO space-time multiplexing were derived; optimal and suboptimal approaches of HO execution in BWA and cellular mobiles communication systems are created; specific patterns of cognitive HO are discovered, based on new methods, algorithms and mathematical models of HO procedures; Mathematical models of HO for multilevel BWA architectures, that support relaying and mesh-structure; adaptive HO for heterogeneous wireless networks is researched; theoretical basis of HO costeffectiveness evaluation.

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