Development of software for risk operating analysis of electric power subsystems with nuclear power plants

The analysis of the conditions of operation of NPP with auxiliary systems in modern EPS of Ukraine was performed. The most probable set of events (incidents) that cause accidents in EPS with NPP was determined. The structure of risks of electrical connection of NPP and TPP with power system and blackout of auxiliary system of power plant under extreme external influences was formed.

Investigation of the system of high concentration fuel supply under the pressure for highreaction fuels and energysaving gas burners for boilers.

The analysis of results of works, which were carried out on the problem of oxidation and self-ignition of coal for improving accuracy of the program of investigation of coal self-ignition, was carried out.

Automatic control of heat power plant in changing operation modes

Automatic control systems heat power processes which function in changing modes are object of research. New methods of creation, algorithms and structures of control systems which are created with usage of a principle of changing of structure, parameter optimization, search algorithms, operative correction of control actions, and also algorithms which allow to consider existing restrictions on controlling and controlled signals are a development.

The modeling of pricing-made and creating of prognoses pricing models in Oil - Energetic complex of Ukraine

There are created a generalization, to organizational and economic mechanisms of functioning and held algorithmic description of the processes which are taking place in the market complex. There are proposed a theoretical and methodological positions that define the complex, struck-round pricing of fuel and energy complex of Ukraine, also a most acceptable model for its functioning on the nature and extent of state influence-Woo.