Development of new generation of medical devices - broadband ultrasonic physiotherapeutic transducers with possibility of a simultaneous iontophoresis

The method of statistical independent global search is developed for determination of parameters of broadband piezoelectric transducers and its software. On its basis are coordinated in a broad band of frequencies of the characteristic of an electro-acoustic path of the therapeutic device and acoustic characteristics of a physical field of the human. The principles of creation of broadband piezoelectric transducers of new generation are for the first time formulated: transducers with a band of 1-3 MHz which blocks all range of ultrasonic therapy and which realize the treatment mode combined with electrotherapy, have to be under construction on the basis of a piezoelectric plate of equal thickness of ceramics with great values of mechanical good quality and coefficient of electromechanical communication, with one the metal coordinating layer and two electric correcting links. The original ring balance scheme is developed for control of the electric power consumed by a transducer. The original design of the free float-operated radiometer is developed for control of the acoustic power radiated by the therapeutic device. The laboratory model of a broadband therapeutic transducer with a band of 1-3 MHz is developed, created and experimentally investigated. The outline sketch of technical documentation is prepared.

Макет широкосмугового ультразвукового фізіотерапевтичного приладу
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