Лабораторні макети

Development of new generation of medical devices - broadband ultrasonic physiotherapeutic transducers with possibility of a simultaneous iontophoresis

The method of statistical independent global search is developed for determination of parameters of broadband piezoelectric transducers and its software. On its basis are coordinated in a broad band of frequencies of the characteristic of an electro-acoustic path of the therapeutic device and acoustic characteristics of a physical field of the human.

Higheffective signal processing devices on two-phase crystal-like structures

Signal processing devices based on crystal-like structures are the newest element base of information and telecommunication systems. To improve the efficiency of microwave microstrip signal processing devices proposed and developed two-phase crystal-like structures for increasing of signals in the passband and stopband suppression to 60 dB and reducing the size of devices in

Development equalincreased heat transfer surfaces for gas turbine regenerators of gas transport systems and research their heat-aerodynamics characteristics

Gas turbine unit ( GTU) is the dominant type of drive gas transportation system of Ukraine. However, most of them morally and physically obsolete, leading to a waste of gas for its own needs, which in 2010 amounted to 4.9 billion m3. To improve gas turbine is to use the least expensive stoves (regenerator) for utilization of heat in the turbine exhaust gases at the same time regenerators at current levels of use are bulky often have low operational reliability.

Development of the methodic and model of the vibroacoustical signal processing system for the information-diagnosis complex of rotation systems

The two-level vibration control system of complex rotation systems (aviation engines) is developed at the steady-state and non-steady-state modes of operation. At the first level the vibration control system supports the current control of actual levels of vibration at the harmonics of the rotor rotation. The second level is assigned for analysis of “normal vibration” in order to predict or detect small damages of engine rotary details on the bases of integrated usage of signal processing methods for damages diagnosis. The vibration control method is based.