Higheffective signal processing devices on two-phase crystal-like structures

Signal processing devices based on crystal-like structures are the newest element base of information and telecommunication systems. To improve the efficiency of microwave microstrip signal processing devices proposed and developed two-phase crystal-like structures for increasing of signals in the passband and stopband suppression to 60 dB and reducing the size of devices in
2 ... 4 times due to a substantial increase in the localization of the electromagnetic field of a crystal- like microstrip structures compared with the traditional ones. Developed the physical and technical bases of the two-phase crystal-like structures and devices, including mathematics, physics and computer models for one-, two- and three-dimensional analysis and synthesis of such structures, analytical relationships between the characteristics and the design parameters of the structures, patented technical solutions. Proposed and investigated by computer simulation new design resonators ― two-phase, characterized by half smaller sizes in comparison with the known half-wave. For a given size proposed resonators provide an increase in the quality factor by 1.25...3 depending on the relative values the wave impedance within 3...10. Proposed three technical solutions of two-phase crystal-like structures with a band-pass transmission characteristics differing of physical and technical capabilities of the low- and high-impedance discontinuities realizing in different wave medium. Investigated by computer simulation the frequency responses of structures and fulfiled the comparative analysis of the characteristics of structures of various designs. Developed prototypes of signal processing devices based on two-phase crystal-like structures: a filter for suppression of spurious signals in telecommunication systems, notch, band-pass and narrow-band microwave filters, signals reflectors. Experimentally investigated the devices characteristics. Developed the technique of designing microstrip microwave signal processing devices based on two-phase crystal-like structures, technical proposals for the design of devices, draft engineering and design documentation.

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