Creating a line of innovative biologically active products for medicine and food industry

Biologicals based on functionally active bacterial strains of Lactobacillus, Streptomyces and Eremothecium, Trametes and Polyporus fungi have been developed
A bivalent probiotic based on biocompatible strains of L. rhamnosus LB3 and L. delbrueckii subsp.delbrueckiї, which, along with high rates of biotherapeutic activity (antagonism, adhesion, acidity and resistance to certain groups of antibiotics), possesses unique properties, such as antioxidant effect, ability to exert gene protection and potential biotherapeutic activity against a number of systemic diseases. The drug is designed as a therapeutic and prophylactic agent with multifunctional biotherapeutic action. On the basis of the conducted researches the recommendations on creation of probiotic preparations with the given biotherapeutic properties taking into account the indicators of the health status of the consumer were developed.
Natural immunomodulator based on fermentolysate of L. delbrueckii subsp.delbrueckii LB86, whose immunomodulatory mechanism is carried out due to effective activation of innate immunity factors and cellular immune response aimed at protecting the body against many infectious and inflammatory diseases. The drug is designed as an immunomodeling agent to create a line of therapeutic and prophylactic cosmetics.
Complex drug based on lysate of lactic acid bacteria and ethylthiosulfanilate, a chemical analogue of garlic phytoncides, which combines the effective properties of the immunomodulator with fungicidal activity. The pharmacodynamics of the antiseptic ethylthiosulfanilate in relation to the mycosis pathogen C. tropicales has been investigated. The drug is designed to treat mycosis of the skin and mucous membranes of candidal etiology.
Functionally active substance of mycelium of basidium fungi of Trametes and Polyporus as a component of functional products with immunomodulatory, hepatoprotective, antibacterial and antiviral properties.
Vitamin B2 and essential oil — products of biotechnological origin, developed as a component of functional products and feed. Based on experimental research, a scientifically sound technology for producing riboflavin and essential oil with rose aroma was developed using E.ashbyi F-340 as a producer of domestic renewable raw materials.
Antiseptic materials with polyfunctional activity based on microbial enzymes of Streptomyces albus strain. Liquid and semi-solid dosage forms of multifunctional antiseptic preparations based on lytic enzymes and antibiotics of streptomycetes have been developed, which have a staphyolytic and fungistatic effect, inhibit the formation of biofilms of bacterial pathogens and accelerate purification, granulation and healing of infected wounds

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