Tools of asymmetric response to hybrid aggression in the humanitarian field

The problem of the scientific work is the absence of asymmetric response tools to the threats of the hybrid warfare in the areas of possible aggressive manifestations: in literature, media, cinema, history, psychology, public administration, diplomacy, relations with the diaspora. The absence of the established mechanisms and means of information confrontation threatens national security, territorial integrity, economic prosperity and sustainable development of the state. In addition, the main challenges faced by Ukraine in current time require the improvement of educational system in many sectors and the development of sociological tools to determine the effective ways of asymmetric response.
Based on the complex of theoretical and experimental research, the main challenges in the areas of probable aggressive influences were substantiated and sociological tools were developed for diagnosing the effectiveness of the asymmetric response models to hybrid aggression in the humanitarian sphere. During the study, the word markers used in the media reports of the aggressor were discovered and a content-analytical study of the Ukrainian information space was conducted.
The work identifies the role of media literacy as one of the most effective tools in struggle with hybrid influences. Complex of media activities for public opinion forming, guidelines for hybrid aggression struggle, methodological recommendations for information activities of media and other professionals of different levels was developed. In particular, programs for increasing the media literacy of children, youth, the public were created: media literacy lessons for schoolchildren; Internet resources for media literacy for youth; anti-propaganda training for journalists and civic activists. Also, methodological recommendations for improving the system of specialists education in the humanitarian sphere and the system of patriotic education in Ukraine have been developed.
In order to prevent unwanted visits to sites that contain anti-Ukrainian content, an application has been developed. It gives signals to the user about the availability of appropriate propaganda and separatist material. Taking into account the main goal of the enemy in attaining the changes in the country's domestic and foreign policy course that is deadly for the Ukrainian state, the tools of an asymmetric response to hybrid aggression are a guarantee of national security and ensuring sustainable development of Ukraine.

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