Mathematical modeling and diagnostics of human condition, based on the analysis of pathogenic zones infrared radiation

As a result of comprehensive research on the intersection of two disciplines - opto-electronic engineering and medicine there was developed new computational methods of infrared evaluation of the biological object in a pathological area of the body, taking into account the temperature regulation of processes, which allows to determine the temperature distribution in the muscle tissue and the depth of the location of the areas of hypothermia. An improved model of "patient - thermal imager - doctor" system, which takes into account the actual characteristics of the components of this model was developed. New equation to calculate minimum resovable temperature difference, which is based on a reliable approximation of the modulation transfer function of the visual system was obtained. Procedures for medical imagers design that provide a predetermined temperature and spatial resolution, methods of matching lenses and infrared microbolometer arrays to improve the quality of thermal images, guidelines for technical solutions and improvement of spatial resolution of medical thermal imaging cameras were developed. The new technology is based on the interpretation of thermal images of the oxygen status of the human body. An improved technology early rapid diagnosis of lower extremity veins using infrared thermography procedure that allows up to 30% reduction in the time required for inspection. There was created laboratory model of hardware and software-based multispectral thermograph with microbolometer array, non-invasive monitoring devices partial pressure of oxygen in the subcutaneous tissues and computer system.
There were fulfiled one doctoral dissertation and three PhD. Also there were prepared two PhD dissertations, 5 patents were obtained. Three monographs and 3 textbooks were published. We published 22 articles in journals included in scientometric databases (8 of them are included in the Scopus international database, 9 in collaboration with the students),18 reports on 6 scientific conferences. The results were preesented in 7 master's theses and 6 specialist diploma projects.
Results of work are introduced in educational process. We prepared a new training lecture course "Design of infrared sensors" (specialty 7.05100403, 8.05100403 "Photonics and optoinformatika") and 1 cycle of laboratory works on the same course, developed new sections in educational lecture courses «Television and thermal environmental impact assessment", "Medical introscopy", "Thermal imaging devices and systems."
An award of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for the development and implementation of innovative technologies in 2015 was obtained.

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