The use of electrolysis in the creation of waste-free water purification processes

Methods of water pre-treatment before baromembrane installations in order to remove the predominant amount of salts are proposed. The technological scheme of obtaining high-quality permiate in the amount of 90-95% of the initial volume of water during its preliminary stabilization treatment has been developed. The influence of various factors on the quality and yield of permiate has been established. The efficiency of use of various reagents in the processes of stabilization treatment is investigated, their optimal doses and conditions of application are determined, their influence on the quality and yield of permiate is considered. The efficiency of baromembrane, ion exchange and reagent conditioning conditions of water with a high level of mineralization has been evaluated, perspective directions of their modification have been determined. The efficiency of separation of sulfates, chlorides and other anions in water desalination is analyzed. The processes of electrodialysis of acidic, alkaline and neutral solutions of sodium sulfate have been studied. The technological scheme of obtaining sulfuric acid and alkali from concentrates of baromembrane installations, construction of electrolyzers for realization of the developed scheme is developed. The technological scheme of reagent processing of sulfate - containing concentrates is studied and developed. The processes of electrodialysis processing of chloride solutions are investigated. Designs of two and three-chamber electrolyzers for production of active chlorine and recommendations on their use are offered. The technological scheme of concentration of solutions of sodium chloride and oxidized chlorine compounds with the use of highly basic anion exchange resin is developed. The technology of obtaining coagulants in the processes of purification of aqueous solutions from chlorides, the technological scheme of conversion of sodium chloride solution into hydrochloric acid and alkali are substantiated and proposed. The closed technological scheme of water supply of galvanic productions is developed. The optimal conditions for the separation of heavy metals from hydrochloric acid solutions are determined. The technological scheme of water purification from ammonium compounds is developed, the conditions of maximum efficiency of the purification process are determined.

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