Cascade centrifugal vaporizers for the devices of water of new generation treatment

The comparative tests of multi-stage centrifugal distillers are conducted with two types of heat-pumps – mechanical steam compressor and thermo-electric heat-pump, advantages and lacks of their use are certain in the systems of life-support for space aircrafts with a crew onboard. Developed and executed measures on modernization of construction and separate elements of centrifugal distiller and thermo-electric heat-pump, that allowed to promote efficiency of their work. The results of tests of two- and three-stage distillers are presented with two types of heat-pumps – mechanical steam compressor and thermo battery. It is certain that a multi-stage distiller with thermo-electric бата¬реей as a heat-pump is the most perspective device for the system of regeneration of water from урины and sanitary-hygienic water for the extreme terms of stay of man, including for the terms of protracted pilot-controlled space по¬лета. New technology of receipt of the high-cleared water and water is developed for injections by the system of multi-stage distillation in horizontal pipe of vaporizers in a complex with a thermo-electric heat-pump. Unique researches of calculation dependences are executed for heat emission during evaporation in the pipes of the different power systems with the use of method of local coefficients of heat emission. The semiempiric model of calculation of heat exchange is developed first during condensation into pipes in the conditions of influence of межфазного friction. Experimentally and a necessity to take into account influence of sucking of mass on the coefficient of friction and determination of scopes of transition of the modes of flow of phases during condensation into horizontal pipes is grounded in theory

Стенд NASA (США) для випробування системи регенерації води з рідких відходів життєдіяльності людини на борту пілотованого космічного корабля
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