Automation of monitoring of the hydrochemical state of NPP groudwater

The complex of solutions had been developed which are directed at perfecting the mathematical and the software of the automated monitoring of the environment through the expansion of mathematical methods for solving specific tasks a subject domain, improvement of indicators speed of information exchange between system components and optimizing memory usage.
The universal solution to environmental monitoring software environment in the form of the generalized structure Intelligent GIS (variety of Spatial Design Support System) with certain and improved software realization of all component parts had been proposed. The software tools for the development of optimal resource intensity criteria of applied production systems had been created through the expansion shell CLIPS Treat pattern matching algorithm and additional resource definition of memory and time. The method of spline, which implemented in ArcGIS had been extended by the possibility of modeling three-dimensional surfaces based on Bezier splines. Fast algorithms for solving integral equations of Volterra type had been proposed, which are necessary for the research of dynamical systems with non-parametric dynamic characteristics, based on consideration of the properties of nuclei the degeneracy with ensuring of a unchangeable number of operations at each computational step. Parallel algorithms for solving inverse problem between borehole tomography had been developed, which consider a wide range of requirements for the accuracy of the solutions and efficiency in solving interprocessor interactions on multiprocessor computer systems (based on the method of Tikhonov regularization). Software system of the automate the monitoring of hydrochemical status of groundwater NPP had been developed.
The elaboration corresponds to international level. The results of the work had been embed in the enterprise at PJSC "Central Iron Ore Enrichment Works", c. Kryviy Rih for use in automation of the process of monitoring the environmental consequences of mass industrial explosions in careers and their impact on the ground waters in the area of influence of the enterprise.

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