Ціль 15. Захист та відновлення екосистем суші

Automation of monitoring of the hydrochemical state of NPP groudwater

The complex of solutions had been developed which are directed at perfecting the mathematical and the software of the automated monitoring of the environment through the expansion of mathematical methods for solving specific tasks a subject domain, improvement of indicators speed of information exchange between system components and optimizing memory usage.

Development of eco-efficient technological processes and evaluation of environmental sustainability and safety of production systems, industrial objects and territorial units (complex project)

A number of systems and single indicators for environmental sustainability assessment of different level objects is proposed. An assessment of sustainable development environmental dimension of world countries and regions of Ukraine with inverse interpretation in the context of quality and security of human life is carried out. The profiles of regions of Ukraine are generated with marking out of indicators of the greatest interest from regional development processes management point of view considering social-environmental-economical sustainability.