Enhancement of laser processing results(alloying, cladding, rapid prototyping) by controlled characteristics of gas-powder stream

Experimental investigations of the influence of gas-powder mixture supply nozzles configuration on the efficiency of gas-powder laser cladding were conducted.
Nozzle designs that guarantee maximum efficiency and quality of laser cladding were
established. Multi-channel systems for gas-powder mixture supply into the processing zone let the end-user to perform operations of laser cladding on surfaces that positioned at any angle which are impossible when ordinary coaxial nozzles are used. It was found that: Multi-channel nozzles for powder delivery into the processing zone increase the productivity of technological processes of laser cladding. Multi-channel nozzles for powder delivery into the processing zone are used for both circular and rectangular focusing laser spots.
The increase in the dimensions of clad layer is mainly connected with the increase in powder concentration in the zone where focused laser beam meets “focused” gaspowder stream on the surface of the workpiece. Multi-channel nozzle systems provide the user with numerous solutions on how to improve the uniformity of cladded layer.

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