Increasing of the efficiency and serviceability of equipment of power plants and small engineering during variable mode of operation

The recommendation for designing of air dust-feeders, which ensurance uniform feed of dust to burners of the boilers when low-reaction coal is burnt in working conditions of 300 MW energy unit are worked out. The plan of the branch standard “The method directives for developing, designing and putting in practice of the system of dust feeding with high concentration (under the pressure) to boiler 300MW energy units, which burn low reaction coal” are prepared. The recommendations are sending for the statement in the corporation “Centrenrgo”of the Ministry of energy and coal industry and for next receiving of mark of the Plant Association “The branch standby investment fond for energy development” with the next edition.

The recommendations for broadening of the range of stable burners working in condition of the excess air coefficient and of air flow velocity variation are developed.

The complex methods of calculation of residual resource of steam turbine high temperature elements for extension of their operation time is fulfilled. The methods is based on the calculation and prediction of the steam turbine residual resource, which take into account the experimental margin of safety on deformations, quantity of cycles, real metal temperature during starting from the different states.

It is developed the new conception for building of the automatic regulating system of heat energy objects with using of the dynamic correction of the regulator operation. The functional structure of the automatic regulating system is offered. The structure may be used on any technology object with the inertial channel of regulation.
For the realization of diagnostics and automatic control of energy units on power stations is developed the program product of the system of the diagnostics and control of an energy unit. With using of this product is developed the methods of testing of the automatic control system of technology process of working energy units.

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