The gas discharge decreasing in the great and small energetic and on Ukraine compression stations on the basis of introductions of closed gas turbine and thermodynamically forced two-fuels monic technology

The new enthalpy-entropy method of the thermodynamic analysis of gas turbine cycles and combined on their basis energetic installations is developed. Methods of the thermodynamic forcing, at the first, of basic gas turbine installations by connection to them of closed gas turbines, which produce additional electric energy by utilization of the gas turbine exhaust gases heat potential, and, at the second, one-fuel monic gas-steam installations with using of the steam extended expansion turbines is proposed.

It is developed the schemes of thermodynamic forced two-fuels monic gas-steam turbines, in which the boiler for burning low-quality fuels is joined to the combustion chamber. It is proposed the principal scheme of the monic gas-steam installation with the stoichiometric combustion chamber and the steam extended expansion turbine. The construction of fuel-burning tube modulus are developed.

It is worked out the effective and ecologically safety methods of natural gas discharge decreasing by means of its substitution by alternative low-quality fuels. The universal method of the ecologic audit of NOx when burning of fuels in gas burners.

The introduction of investigation results gives the possibility to increase the efficiency coefficient and the power of the basic gas turbine in combination with the closed gas turbine on 6% and 20 % accordingly, and also to rise the monic gas-steam turbine power in 2 – 3 times and to augmentthe efficiency coefficient up to 50 % and even more. At the same time the NOx blowout decreases in 2 – 3 times without of CO increasing and the natural gas discharge in the two-fuel monic gas-steam installation decreases in 2 – 3 times owing to using of low-quality alternative fuels.

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