Developing models and methods of the integrated systems management and control of energy use efficiency

The methodology of determination of optimal structure (composition of generating and accumulating equipment) and parameters of integrated distribution systems (microsystems) have been created on the basis of methods of multicriteria optimization considering technical, economic, social, ecological, meteorological factors, regional peculiarities of energy supply, in particular availability of local fuel, energy and labour resources, existing structure of centralized power supply system. The key peculiarity of the developed procedures is the possibility to correctly evaluate the uncertainty of information existing in the real conditions of design and operation of power systems. Optimal decision should be made using the game theory method by forming and multicriteria analysis of multidimensional pay off matrix.

The algorithm of determination of load flow in the elements of electrical network with the sources of distributed generation has been developed with application of mathematical tool of the fuzzy-set theory. On the one hand, the abovementioned algorithms allow one to take into consideration the uncertainty of loads and parameters of generating equipment, data received from different systems of remote measurements, while on the other hand they ensure the load flow calculation in accordance with Kirchhoff law.

The principle of effective application of automated systems of commercial measurement, control and management of power consumption (ASCMPC) has been determined under the conditions of implementation of Ukrainian wholesale electrical power market advanced model (WEPM), in the first place, the market of bilateral agreements and balancing market (BCBM). The existing scheme of the exchange of data on energy consumption at WEPM has been analyzed, the procedures of exchange of data on power consumption at BCBM has been improved, technical requirements of the Chief Operator of the system of commercial accounting of power consumption (CO) to ASCMPC of WEPM have been drawn up.

The concept of information and computation system (ICS) of the Chief Operator, aimed at creating of full-scale multifunctional distributed ASCMPC WEPM has been developed. It will ensure the effective exchange of information between ASCMPC of WEPM subjects and CO of ICS, formation of reliable electrical power balances and carrying out transparent calculations in WEPM at the current stage as well as under the conditions of implementation of the energy market advanced model.

The methodology of the primary analysis of power consumption measurement device signals has been created. This methodology is based on the preliminary wavelet transformation of accounting data and ensures to detect their offtype deviations caused by equipment and system failures, wrongful actions of stuff, program errors and influence of computer viruses. The information processing methods that will ensure maximum data compressing under the conditions of communication links overloading has been suggested. The model to determine the most informative modes of operation indicators with the aim of minimization of the data transmitted through communication lines, in the case of emergency situations, has been developed.

The system of agreements and tariffs has been proposed for mutual payment of the consumption of reactive energy. This system includes the indicators of energy quality and National Grid modes of operation. It motivate the consumers to choose correctly the necessary reactive power compensation equipment and to use rationally the electrical energy. The methods and ways to reduce negative impact of consumers on energy quality have been determined.

The concept of integrated systems to control the efficiency of electric power consumption in industry has been developed. This system is based on the combination of advanced methods of setting specific consumption of electrical energy specific flow normalization and modified systems of operative control of energy consumption efficiency.

The method of designing optimal models of electric power balances for industrial enterprises is based on the application of probability and expert methods, as well as methods of optimization. This allows one to determine the most authentic structure of the balances of electric power consumption.

The methods of design and operation of the system of effectiveness of electric power consumption operative control are proposed. They allow to take into consideration the random nature of energy consumption processes, and to analyse the energy efficiency with the use of statistical quality control procedure.

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