Interaction of spin waves and spin-polarized current with magnetic inhomogeneities in nanostructured ferromagnetic materials

A theory is developed for the propagation of spin waves in heterogeneous ferromagnetic systems. The theory provides for the generation of spin waves using a spin-polarized current and control of the process of propagation of spin waves in such media. In particular, the mechanism of excitation of dipole-exchange spin waves in a multilayer ferromagnetic nanosystem is presented.

Spin wave propagation in heterogeneous modulated ferromagnetic structures with complex interfaces

A theory is developed for the reflection of spin waves from periodic modulated ferromagnetic structures with complex interfaces, taking into account the generalized boundary conditions including the inhomogeneous character of the contact boundaries of two homogeneous media formed as a result of the superposition of crystal lattices of two contacting

Development of the generalized lifetime prediction method for composite structures at complex low-cycle loading conditions with taking into account damage

The main result of the work is the development of generalizing phenomenological models of damage for anisotropic CM under static and cyclic loading conditions. A tensor of the damage
parameters for different CM’s and its invariants are shown. The methodology and the corresponding experimental data of CM’s mechanical characteristics for static and low cyclic loading conditions was obtained. Parameters of the developed model was calculated. The dependence of the damage parameters on the anisotropy CM is obtained. It makes it possible to