Оптико-електронна система

Multi-channel thermal imaging and television complex search-detection with noise-tolerant high-speed data transmission interface

Multi-channel infrared and visual complex with robust high-speed data transmission interface was developed using the physical and informational integration of thermal and visual channels (TC and VC respectively). Two variants of structural and functional organizations of the complex, which are based on Gigabit Ethernet or on multi-channel video interfaces that use special serializer-deserializer ICs and permits robust and fast transmission (1-3.3) Gbit/s on distances from 15 m up to 100 m were proposed.

The ophthalmological refractometer for the aberrational intraocular lens transplantation and aberrational contact lens selection

For the purpose of eye aberration correction with the special contact lens or intraocular lens it is necessary to be informed about eye refraction aberrational component. This information can be acquired by using of device based on modified Foucault knife method. For this purpose we propose to use the optical-electronic system which allows to detect and fix the pupil plane isodiopter zones.