Investigation of the Usage Efficiency of Impulse Ultrawideband signals in the Communication Radio Systems and Networks

Impulse-Radio Ultra-Wideband signals (IR-UWB) show considerable promise due to their numerous advantages that allow creating a ―new‖ radio engineering in the future and communication systems with properties that have not been yet realized. Taking into account constantly increasing deficit of radio waveband for conventional telecommunications systems, which is especially relevant to mobile and satellite communication services, the implementation of

Design and development of telecommunication devices on the basis of metamaterialiv and integral multi-layered technologies

The principles of construction, modeling and design, design methodology in the range of

5...100 GHz telecommunication devices (TAP) and their components (filters, amplifiers, etc.) and hardware components (lines, transitions, etc.) through the use of metamaterials and integral multi-layer LTCC technologyand, LCP, and examples of implementation of thedevices on that basis.