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The creation of nanophotonic systems for printed smart food packaging

Nanophotonic systems and printing technologies are developed to manufacture smart food packaging, which enhance shelf life of foods without the need for additional processing, and indicate the current state of a packaged product, i.e. its suitability for consuption, by changing the optical properties of a printed image (color, luminescence intensity).

Theoretical and experimental studies of the morphology and optical properties of photochemically / thermally synthesized nanoparticles with characteristic surface plasmon resonance spectra

Scientific interest in noble metals nanoparticles (NPs) and nanostructured metal surfaces formed by their deposition is caused by their unique physical properties, including surface enhancement of linear and nonlinear optical phenomena in the media in contact with such nanostructures. Morphological characteristics of NPs determine their catalytic, sensor, optical properties. Thus, it is of great importance to identify factors that affect the morphology of nanoparticles formed in multicomponent solution with regard to kinetic phenomena in solution and on the NPs surface.