Aluminum two-phase heat transfer systems with steam and liquid separation for energy efficient technologies

Comparison of designs of heat exchangers with smooth-walled aluminum grooved heat pipes (AGHP) with a diameter of 8 mm and finned AGHP with an outer diameter of 43 mm. The use of smooth-walled AGHPs, on the one hand, results in a larger number of them in the heat exchanger compared to the finned AGHPs, but, on the other hand, results in a smaller pressure drop in the channels. On the basis of the experimental data, dependences were obtained for the calculation of the coefficients of heat exchange and aerodynamic resistance for a heat exchanger with smooth-walled AGHPs.

Working out of energy effective processes and the equipment for manufacture of different function polymeric pipes

Existing models and techniques of calculations of process of cooling of one- and multi-layered polymeric pipes of different function are analysed, the major factors influencing stability of process and quality of finished goods are considered. It is established that existing models and techniques concern only single-layered smooth pipes.