Сонячні колектори

Development and investigation on the newly profiled heat pipes application to solar collectors with selective coating of the absorber

Загальний вигляд діючих макетів сонячних колекторів, виготовлених з профільних алюмінієвих теплових труб

Extruded aluminum heat pipes are the subject of the development, simulation, and experimental study; and solar collector with applied Ukrainian made extruded aluminum heat pipes is the object of the development. The aim of the development consists in the creation of the principally original domestic solar collector design, where highly efficient heat absorber made of aluminum heat pipes with selective coating is used…

Research and Development on High Performance Solar Water Heating Plant of the New Kind and Containing Heat Pipes as a Core

Autonomous storage plant of the new kind for domestic water heating by means of solar energy is the object of the development, and solar thermal collector of the new kind, which contains high-performance heat transfer devices – heat pipes as a core, is the subject of the development. For the first time in Ukraine operating mock-up of the plant, which functions without electric power consumption, has been manufactured; its working thermal efficiency value is within 0.5 – 0.65, and maximal obtainable temperature value of the heated water is 65 C deg.