Germach Ludmila P.

Investigation of statistical characteristics of partially coherent laser beams for application in optical communication systems

Electro-magnetic waves propagation in atmosphere is of great theoretical and practical interest because using laser radiation for information transmission through the earth's atmosphere has many obvious advantages over traditional communication methods. However, fluctuations of the refractive index in the atmosphere, caused by turbulence, lead to the optical field fragmentation in the detecting area and to the beam wondering in regards to the initial direction.

Electronic processes in the breakdown electric fields in the polytypes of silicon carbide

Conditions for creation of light emitting diodes working in electrical breakdown regime have been determined. The floatable technology have been used. Light emitting diodes obtained is possible to use as standards of power and spectral composition of radiation, and although for creation of sources of short light impulses. Constructions of these devices, laboratorial technology of their fabrication, elements of metrological support have been worked out.
Emitters on SiC-basis operating in the electrical breakdown regime have the following superior characteristics: