Технологічні рекомендації

Creation of theoretical bases of resource saving technologies of isothermal forming of thin-walled elements of mechanical engineering in wide temperature range and velocity deformation

Оснастка, для деформування структурно-неоднорідних матеріалів, що встановлена на гвинтовому фрикційному прес-молоті

Based on generalized theoretical results of visco-plastic flow of metal in different aggregate (solid and liquid-solid) states under a wide range of temperatures and strain rates the relationship of the isothermal load parameters, structure and physic-mechanical properties of the material extruded from thin-walled workpieces elements that have a high degree of approximation of their shape to the shape of the details (accuracy) was obtained. A general theory and generalized approach for the calculation process of forming structurally heterogeneous bodies was created.

Research of adaptive methods of increase of efficiency of broadband radioaccess systems

Нормалізована ефективна пропускна здатність каналу з використанням різних алгоритмів адаптації.

The new link adaptation method was created based on multicriteria channel state estimates with fuzzy logic mathematical apparatus. Matching link adaptation algorithms were created with usage of unusual improved fuzzy inference algorithm based on both link state energy estimations and multicriteria estimations (energetical, probabilistical, and statistical). The rules of membership function construction were determined. They are constructed by direct methods based on simulation results or laboratory measurements of stationary channel immunity.