Лазерна технологія

Surface topography modification by controllable laser irradiation

Main goal in the development of technological process and the design of experimental equipment for its realization was to improve the exploitation properties of parts. It is possible to pattern required micro-relief on flexible thin-walled workpieces and, with help of additional ultra-sonic processing, on rigid bulk parts. Данная технология позволяет создавать требуемый микрорельеф на не жестких тонкостенных деталях или его формирование (для жестких деталей) с помощью дополнительной выглаживающей УЗ-обработки

Research and development of the technology of medical stents manufacturing by means of laser milling

We established that at laser stent manufacturing by means of direct laser milling technology there is a possibility to create “pockets” in the stent’s walls with given depth, shape and size. These pockets are used for drug deposition and could not be formed using ordinary laser cutting techniques. Moreover, it is also possible to wary the stent’s filament thickness (up to 20 mkm) thus increasing the flexibility and elasticity when filament’s width increases (from 0.5 to 1 mm).