Development and implementation of new diagnostic tools biomechanical strength and reliability of the "bone - joint - implant" considering damages of biological tissues

Manufactured laboratory samples of new rod external fixation devices (REFD) human bone fragments with the joint design made of biocompatible composite materials. Experimental testing and calculation and theoretical study of REFD rod joints of new design for osteosynthesis damaged human limbs. The developed osteosynthesis designs samples are tested in medical institutions of Ukraine for quality treatment of damaged bone fractures.

Investigation of ions of heavy metal extraction from waste waters mechanisms by magnetocontrolled biosorption

Theoretical models which feature mechanisms of extraction of ions of heavy metals are offered and developed. New low-cost methods of manufacturing stable magnetosensitive complexes barm/magnetic nanoparticles with the refined properties are developed. Essentially new knowledge and the facts concerning mechanisms of extraction of ions of heavy metals from fluids by means of magnetocontrolled biosorption which allow to optimize considerably production engineering of purification of sewage from ions of heavy metals in a velocity regime are gained.....