The formation of structure, magnetic properties of nanoscale FePt(Pd) films by hydrogen heat treatmant for information magnetic recording of a high density

The scientific foundations for the accelerated formation of nanoscale, thermally stable films based on FePd, FePt with a magnetic-hard L1о phase for use as a medium of high-density magnetsc recording have been created. The influence of the chemical and mechanical factor of hydrogen action on the phase composition and structure, as well as the physical factor of the effect on the electronic structure of nanoscale films based on FePt and FePd doped with Au, Ag, Cu, and their magnetic properties was estimated and taken into account. This made it possible to propose a new scientific approach to the use of hydrogen heat treatment in nanoscale films based on FePt and FePd to limit the undesirable effect of the nanoscale factor, that slows down the ordering processes with decreasing of thickness and accelerate the diffusion processes formation of thermostable, nanosized, magnetically hard films based on FePt, FePd.
Practical recommendations have been developed for the use of annealing in hydrogen to control the kinetics and degree of ordering in diffusion processes of the magnetic hard L1о phase formation with the required orientation of the crystal lattice, with an easy c-axis magnetization perpendicular or parallel to the film plane, with high energy of magnetocrystalline anisotropy and the required magnetic properties Hc, Ms, Mr. The use of these films as a magnetic recording medium will increase the density of magnetic recording and the stability of information storage by the thermally activated method.

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