Research of structure formation processes and creation of the theory of intensive plastic deformation of aluminium-lithium and titanium alloys

Based on an analytical review of scientific publications the goal and general guidelines were grounded. The prospects of using structurally modified and structurally inhomogeneous materials based on titanium and aluminum alloys were shown.

The analysis of power loading schemes of isothermal extrusion was made. Typical schemes of loading as a result of structural and logical analysis were classified depending on the impact of shear stresses, which are proportional to the forces of friction, on the overall stress state in the cell strains.

The general method of work, which includes the method of theoretical numerical and experimental analysis was considered. The theory of plastic flow is proposed for theoretical analysis.

A new approach for calculation of shear strains in the overall process of deformation was created based on the general equations of the theory of plastic flow continuum. Based on the proposed approach, it was considered the process of extrusion with active friction forces that create large shear deformation in the cross section of the channel through which the solid medium moves.

The research of isothermal forging process for screw expanding extrusion was carried out. Based on theoretical models the kinematic relationships of the deformation process was studied and contribution of shear deformation on the formation of the microstructure of the metal after deformation was determined. In a production environment shows promising The prospects of further treatment of modified metals by screw forging for following stamping processes, such as hot extrusion, was demonstrated in production environment
The process of intense plastic deformation in the center of deformation during of drawing of bimetallic materials with thinning with heating was investigated. Theoretic models were obtained for calculation of combined drawing with thinning of two-layer cylindrical workpiece for perfectly-plastic material as well as a theoretical model of drawing of two-layer workpiece with regard to the forces of friction on the contact surfaces of the workpiece with the matrix and punch, between layers of dissimilar metals.

The research results of intensive plastic deformation of surface burnishing with additional ultrasonic load were presented. The experimental data as for experimental-industrial experience of isothermal extrusion of billets of blades were presented. Technological recommendations on the implementation of technological processes in engineering enterprises. An technological advice on implementation processes in engineering enterprises.

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