Development and research equalincreased heat transfer surfaces for gas turbine regenerators of Ukrainian gas transport system.

Study and analysis of existing information enabled the development of the construction of a new steel tube equal developed helical type for use as a heat transfer surface air heaters-regenerators for gas compressor units, which are used in compressor stations Ukrainian gas transport system. This surface has several advantages: production with cheaper technology – roller burnishing of circular tube with granular material or liquid for making backpressure inside the tube. The proposed technology and equipment for profiling helical tubes with equal developed surface allows producing such tubes up to 6 m. The surfaces of these tubes have improved thermal efficiency as compared with the surfaces of round profile steel tubes. Reduction of metal for heat exchanger with equal developed tubes is 30... 40% compared to the heat exchanger out of traditional smooth tubes with round profile, at the same power consumption by moving the coolant inside the tubes is achieved by a high degree of heat transfer inside the tube and through the development of the inner surface.

When using the conditions of constant heat flux density on the surface of all tubes are made of experimental and numerical studies of convective heat transfer and aerodynamic drag coefficient of helical tubes with a surface of y = 1.15…1.44, steps between the recesses or projections t = 8…50 mm, with heights of recesses- projections h =3…7 mm, the Reynolds number Re=10000… 60000. A comparison of heat-aerodynamic characteristics surface with helical tubes to the surfaces of the conventional round tubes, the most common in the industry recuperative heat exchanges types of "gas-gas". Results of the analysis comparing heat-aerodynamic characteristics of such surfaces have shown that the helical tube with a step between the recesses or projections t = 12 mm, and height of the recesses or projections h = 5 mm is competitive.

First obtained generalizing calculation dependencies for the coefficients of heat transfer and aerodynamic resistance inside helical tubes, which account for the effect on the heat transfer rate and resistance the geometric parameters of the tube and secure the flow factors.

Based on these correlations, new engineering method for calculating heat transfer coefficients and drag inside the helical pipe ravnorazvityh. The proposed practical recommendations for optimal geometrical parameters teplobmennyh surfaces for engineering calculations of recuperative heat exchangers types of "gas-gas" technology developed for the manufacture of such tubes.