Scientific and technological government a structure and properties of castings multicomponent alloys of the system of Al-Mg bases.

On the basis of undertaken analytical and experimental studies intercommunication is set between chemical, phase and structural composition, technological parameters of treatment and level of properties of casting multicomponent alloys of the system Al - Mg. It is shown that: for industrial magnaliums by an important factor for an additional increase and stabilizing of level them mechanical properties there is optimization of temperature-sentinel parameters of treatment of fusion; influencing on the parameters of crystallization of casting alloys of the system Al - Mg can purposefully manage the process of their gelation and level of mechanical properties; interfusion of fusion to the diphasic zone causes the effect of the mechanical retrofitting of metal, that shows up in reduction to the size of grain, dendritic cell and thickness of including b–phaze of (Al3Mg2); an increase of content of Si in this alloy is additional reserve for the increase of level of him technological properties. The mathematical model of crystallization of metals and alloys is worked out that, on the basis of data of thermoanalysis, allows to expect sizes of parameters of crystallization of the investigated alloys and to estimate influence of external factors on the process of crystallization of metallic fusion. Quantitative intercommunication is first set between the change of parameters of crystallization and size of grain of aluminium sosoloid of industrial magnaliums. The chart of експрес-аналізу of quality of fusion is worked out, that allows to forecast a structure and mechanical properties of the investigated alloys yet in the process of their making. The mathematical models of dependence of level of mechanical properties of alloy of АМг6л are built after casting in кокіль and after heat treatment from content in him Mg, Si, Ti, Zr. The method of multicriterion optimization is set optimal correlation of content of these elements. Optimal content of this ligature is set for the industrial alloys of АМг6л and АМг10 at that the middle size of grain of aluminium sosoloid diminishes on a 45-50 %, value of temporal resistance of break rises on 16-38 %, and the values of the relative lengthening rise on 38-50 %. technological properties Rise and propensity of alloys goes down to the firecracking.