Structure building in technical dispersions under lockal change of hydrophilic-hydrophobic balance of clay surface by functional additives.

The analysis of modern state of the problem is pointing on the main obstacle to the achievement of technical dispersions with a constant mould properties, basic structure building properties of which are clay minerals, is the non-conrolled change of their physico-chemical properties under the effect of SAC in concentration and processing.

The last is a main cause for a unpredictable effect on the formation of coagulation-absorbtion structure and, as the consequence, unpredictable change of technological properties of dispersions.

The scientific solutions proposed are basing on the systematic assessment of physical and chemical properties of clay components of dispersions and their effect on the structure-forming processes and rheological properties under the lockal change of energy state and hydrophilic-hydrophobic balance of surface most active structure-forming ingridients in the composition of technical clay dispersions.

The method of regulation of structure-forming processes in tecghnical polymineral clay-based dispersions under the lockal modification of their surface by the siloxane compounds, including metal-siloxanes with functional fragments, syntesysed by nanotechnology method is developed. The criterions of reaction abillity of metal-siloxane modyfiers, obtained by methods of semi alkoxy sol-gel processess are defined. The assessment of the effect of functional modyfiers on the surface properties and structure-forming of technical dispersions is conducted.

In consideration of the interaction factors between the modyfiers with different functional groups and the hydrohyl groups of kaoline surface and, as the consequence, the change of their surface properties, the correlation dependances between the coefficients characterizing hydrophilic-hydrophobic balance, energy state of the surface of dispersed component and filtration, stucture-mechanical and rheological properties of water dispersions on their base.