Development of energy and industrial cooling systems with natural draft which based on a new element base

Зовнішній вигляд діючого лабораторного макету модуля „сухої” градирні

Continuous growth in cooling water shortages and increase of environmental requirements through thermal pollution is closely linked with the problem of rational use of water resources and reducing water-intensive technologies. This necessitates the usage of modern energy technologies and their upgrading with help of existing cooling systems in a variety of industries.

The thermal and gas-dynamic processes in complex vortex and swirling flows

Using the experimental and theoretical approach both heat transfer and gas-dynamics of two complex vortex and swirling flows have been studied in details. New regularities regarding the local and average heat transfer have been established in the cylindrical channel with initial tangentially-inclined flow swirl at the stationary conditions, as well as in the radial rotating channel. The new similarity correlations have been obtained for the different boundary conditions arranged at the channel exit.

Intensification of heat exchange during chladones condensation and their composites inwardly pipes and channels including mini- and microchannels

Experimental research of heat exchange is conducted during condensation of water, chladone of R-141b and mixtures of chladones of R-22 and R-407С in a horizontal pipe with the passive intensifiers of heat exchange – wire rings and wire longitudinal scope at the circular, расслоенном and asymmetric flow of phases. The field of temperatures is measured in the vertical section of the thick-walled test area, passing through circular intensifiers.