The thermal and gas-dynamic processes in complex vortex and swirling flows

Using the experimental and theoretical approach both heat transfer and gas-dynamics of two complex vortex and swirling flows have been studied in details. New regularities regarding the local and average heat transfer have been established in the cylindrical channel with initial tangentially-inclined flow swirl at the stationary conditions, as well as in the radial rotating channel. The new similarity correlations have been obtained for the different boundary conditions arranged at the channel exit. The turbulence model has been determined, describing adequately both the thermal and gas-dynamic parameters, the Coriolis force influence on heat transfer in the radial rotating cylindrical channel with flow swirl has been studied. The heat transfer and gas-dynamic calculation procedure has been developed. The novel approach has been studied of the heat transfer control along the channel axial length with tangentially-inclined flow swirl.

New heat transfer and gas-dynamic regularities over the flat plate at the secondary flow supply into single- and dual rows of discrete hemispherical dimples and twin holes at the inlet have been established. New scientific results characterizing the thermal effectiveness of the flat plate have been obtained at the external turbulence and flow acceleration conditions. The basic similarity correlations are given for the heat transfer effectiveness, as well as for correction functions, characterizing effect of external turbulence and flow acceleration; the span-wise heat transfer non-uniformity has been identified. The turbulence models describing adequately heat transfer and gas-dynamic have been justified, the physical features defining heat transfer effectiveness have been revealed for the conditions studied. The suggestions are given for the calculation procedures on the heat transfer effectiveness.

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