Mogilatenko V.H.

Development methodology prediction structure and properties of the metal in the casting of iron-based alloys with high chromium content

The main idea of the scientific and technical work is that based on the analysis of operation of cast parts, made of steel with a high chromium content and used at high temperatures, corrosive media and corrosion, own research findings, influence of chromium on the structure and properties of iron, its definition the best content in the metal, which would provide the necessary structure and properties, smelting technology and the creation of the necessary conditions of crystallization in the form given its properties.

Theoretical and technological principles of management by the special properties of the high- alloyed alloys for the poured details of the especially responsible setting

New approaches are developed to determination of chemical composition of alloys for making of the poured details from heat-resistant and wearproof alloys on the basis of iron. Smallalloying and modifying elements, their action, are certain on properties of alloys and optimum correlations for work of the poured details in extreme terms. The methods of determination of kinetics of oxidization of heat-resistant alloys are developed in different aggressive environments, them firmness against oxidization , heat-resistance, steady to growth and wearproof.