Measurement system and software for marine security systems and research platforms

The essence is to develop a multi-purpose passive measurement system based on vector-phase methods for receiving and processing sonar signals, enabling surpass performance characteristics best marine security systems and measurement hardware for research polygons. Developed measuring system is designed for use in marine security systems and researching polygons, designed for noise emissions research fields offshore facilities. On the basis of the measurement system developed variants of marine security systems and the equipment for the researching polygons.

As a result of the research work was designed documentation for a unified vector receiver, which uses a specially designed three-way transducer mechanical vibrations into electrical signals. In the developed transducers as the flywheel was used liquid (mercury), which improved specifications vector receiver.

The designed documentation for hull-mechanical part. Specially designed hull-mechanical part is the suspension, which provides the receiver unit vector in the given coordinates regardless of the structure of the bottom, with the formulation of the bottom, or on the angle of the suspension, when the system is drifting buoy.

Developed receiver-amplification section for receiving the signals from the sensors, their amplification and conversion to digital form, as well as send and receive data via interface RS485. The proposed measurement system can operate as a standalone unit or as part of more sophisticated equipment.

The spectral-energy characteristics and distinctive features of marine noise emissions of different objects. And also to determine the vector-phase characteristics and additional distinguishing features of underwater noise emissions field/surface objects and swimmers on the means of delivery, that will increase the probability determination and probability of correct classification.

The structure of the discrete signal detection algorithms combined receivers. Developed physical software algorithms that can handle sonar information from the vector unit. Developed algorithm of selection of the desired signal, which is designed to work with the signals with significant noise and provides signal processing on each channel of a magnetic recording and on the instruments.

Експериментальні спектри шумів моря та шумовипромінювання морських об’єктів
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