Mathusky Evgeniy A.

The multifunctional hardware-software system of diagnostics, physiotherapy and surgery for equipment of fixed and mobile medical centers.

Development of technology and diagnostic equipment, low-frequency electromagnetic therapy and high-frequency electrosurgery for equipping stationary and mobile medical centers. An improved experimental sample of multichannel lowfrequency physiotherapy equipment has been developed. The device is an open type instrument capable of working with a wide range of different inductors in the frequency range from 1 Hz to 20 kHz and the intensity of the magnetic field in two ranges of 1...50 mTl and 10...500 mTl.

The Multipurpose hardware and software system of non-invasive diagnostic with synergetic approach to therapies and with diagnostic and therapeutic sign validation

Based on the analysis of existing tools and methods oftherapy justified technical performance requirements of amultifunctional complex therapy. Methods for the formation ofelectromagnetic fields, which take into account the low-frequency resonant nature of physico- shemical and biological processes in the body systems, individual organs, cells and molecules. Presents views on the furtherdevelopment of physical therapy at the molecular andcellular level. The principles of construction of the basicunits of multi-channel and multi-stage inductor generator forextended range 1 Hz ...

Measurement system and software for marine security systems and research platforms

The essence is to develop a multi-purpose passive measurement system based on vector-phase methods for receiving and processing sonar signals, enabling surpass performance characteristics best marine security systems and measurement hardware for research polygons. Developed measuring system is designed for use in marine security systems and researching polygons, designed for noise emissions research fields offshore facilities. On the basis of the measurement system developed variants of marine security systems and the equipment for the researching polygons.