Network Intelligent Web-based data collection systems based on the Java micro-servers

A set of hardware and software for building networked microcontroller systems for the collection and processing of experimental data on the basis of the network of intelligent sensors to the IEEE-1451 with the support of specialized Web-protocols and built-in Java-related technologies. This data collection system is constructed in the form of Ethernet-network of intelligent sensors with providing Internet-based access protocol MQTT and Java-related technologies. Implemented protocols and logical connections groups open to the IEEE-1451, which defined a common logical interface between the sensor and intelligent networks. It is possible to simplify the connection of transducers for measuring instruments and networks by implementing common to all interface converters and self-configuration mechanisms. A network processor implementation of intelligent sensors NCAP based embedded Java-machine. It provided a platform independent software solutions of the hardware implementation of the network processor and enabled to take advantage of networked Java-related technologies. MQTT protocol implementation has been adapted to the limited resources of microcontrollers. Connecting intelligent sensors to the Internet based on it will reduce the amount of traffic on the signal transmission compared to the HTTP protocol 5-6 times, has provided new opportunities for data exchange technology-support subscription-delivery (Publish / Subscribe) and quality management service (Quality of Servise, QoS). Support infrastructure as Web-based protocol MQTT and Web-based REST services designed to ensure compatibility with a wide range of existing software WAN.

The implementation of a network system of data collection in the form of a multi-level structure of microcontrollers based on Java-related technologies and specialized Web-based technologies to ensure the independence of hardware and software levels of data processing and information exchange on the level of information and independence of the user-level by specific sensors and methods of networking. Using embedded microcontroller tools significantly reduce the cost of remote Internet monitoring and control, reduced dimensions and weight, and power consumption as compared with computing architectures.

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