Tuz Yulian M.

Creation of wideband high frequency measuring amplifiers and systems of their research and metrological attestation

The performance behavior of amplifiers with series-additive operational amplifiers for voltages up to 1000 V has been determined. An automated system for research on broadband amplifiers has been designed. Experimental samples of the amplifier for voltages up to 1000 V in the frequency range up to 100 kHz and multi-channel measurement system for constant and alternating voltage and current, power, phase shifts, nonlinear distortion and temperature measurements have been designed and fabricated.

Network Intelligent Web-based data collection systems based on the Java micro-servers

A set of hardware and software for building networked microcontroller systems for the collection and processing of experimental data on the basis of the network of intelligent sensors to the IEEE-1451 with the support of specialized Web-protocols and built-in Java-related technologies. This data collection system is constructed in the form of Ethernet-network of intelligent sensors with providing Internet-based access protocol MQTT and Java-related technologies.

Development and implementation of series of precision wideband system oriented AC voltage multimeter

AC voltage measurement is the most common problem in electrical quantities measurement. The AC multimeters performance analysis shows that high accuracy is achieved in a narrow band of frequencies while there is a need to improve the accuracy not only in the sound but also in the short and in the ultrasonic frequency range. Therefore, element wise additive and multiplicative error correction technique to improve the accuracy was proposed. For this purpose, measurement channel is divided into functional blocks, each of which is complemented by a feedback circuit and aback up system.

Heat transfer and aerodynamics of complicated profiled heat transfer surfaces

In tubular recuperative heat exchangers such as "gas-gas", "gas-liquid" are mainly used heat transfer of circular tubes. However, circular tubes, as part of the heat transfer surface, in terms of improving their heat and aerodynamic performances to date have exhausted themselves. Now, technically and economically the most accessible and reasonable by reducing weight and improving energy efficiency and resource saving heat exchange equipment is application in heat exchangers surfaces that have high heat and aerodynamic efficiency, low cost and ease of production.

LXI-compliant heterogeneous microcontroller systems for remote technical monitoring

An approach to the organization of data collection and processing of the experimental data to remotely monitor the status of technical objects as heterogeneous networks measuring microcontroller Ethernet- module with support for inter-module level, open-standard LXI. LXI- measuring unit is constructed as a network of information units receiving data. To pair the data blocks used microcontroller implementation of heterogeneous technologies of industrial networks SPI, I2C, 1 -Wire, LPC, RS- 485 .

System for measurement and study of electrical parameters in energy saving electrical converters

Electric energy converters based on renewable energy sources, energy of powerhine frequency provide intermediate conversion to higher frequency with reverse conversion to direct voltage or intended frequency voltage of higher quality. Developed system allows to measure voltage, current, active, passive and total power, power factor in wide range of frequencies with distorted signals and small power factor.

Creation of scientific and technological foundations for the development of advanced high-performance heat transfer surfaces.

The design of flat-oval profile steel tubes with the incomplete fins is investigated for use as heat transfer surfaces. Such surfaces have several important advantages: the material - carbon steel, manufacture of low-cost technology – contact welding of the fins on the tube; improved thermal efficiency as compared with steel tubes of round profile, aerodynamic drag of flat-oval tubes with incomplete fins for 40...50 % below the tube of round profile.

Hierarchical Internet-oriented microserver systems for remote experimental data asquisition and processing

Hardware-software complex for development of distributed informational-measurement microcontroller systems with microserver Internet access based on hierarchical structures of multilevel measurement systems was developed. New structural and technical solutions for multilevel data acquisition systems were suggested. The system is built as a two-level microserver Ethernet-network of virtual measurement modules. Test samples of basic hardware/software tools were designed.