LXI-compliant heterogeneous microcontroller systems for remote technical monitoring

An approach to the organization of data collection and processing of the experimental data to remotely monitor the status of technical objects as heterogeneous networks measuring microcontroller Ethernet- module with support for inter-module level, open-standard LXI. LXI- measuring unit is constructed as a network of information units receiving data. To pair the data blocks used microcontroller implementation of heterogeneous technologies of industrial networks SPI, I2C, 1 -Wire, LPC, RS- 485 . Such a structure is allowed to use for the collection of experimental data, industrial mass production components that are based on proprietary technology and standards of manufacturers, and provided an opportunity to connect these specialized networking to open LXI- systems and global networks Internet/ Intranet . To improve the performance of serial transducers information units proposed to use smart sensor technology standard IEEE-1451.4. To industrial sensor added read-only memory, wherein are stored in a standardized format passport and calibration of the sensor, which is used for correcting its output. Inter-module interaction is implemented in accordance with the requirements of LXI. In this adaptation of the protocols provided by TCP/IP stack to the limited computing power microcontroller resources. To configure the test modules according to the requirements of the LXI standard microcontroller provided support generation of Web-page with the ability to dynamically configure the modules. For this purpose, a microcontroller implementation of a limited application of the HTTP protocol that supports data Web-forms technology CGI. Developed hardware and software solutions for synchronizing microcontroller modules LXI- based network synchronization protocol IEEE-1588.

Using embedded microcontroller means possible to significantly reduce the cost of remote monitoring and management of the Internet , to reduce weight and size and power consumption of the system compared to computer architectures. Construction of microcontroller systems technical monitoring on the basis of heterogeneous networks microcontroller measuring modules allowed the use of existing industrial networking technologies in an open Ethernet- based LXI-systems.

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